YIMBY Raleigh was founded in October of 2017. Our goal is to jump start a conversation about Raleigh's growth and planning that is focused on building a city for all.

With as many as 65 new people arriving per day, the question is not whether Raleigh will grow. Short of building a wall around the city, there is no strategy that will halt the growth of the city. No, the question we are facing is: How will Raleigh grow? 

We intend to inject life into that conversation by discussing city policies on affordable housing, zoning, land use regulations. We will advocate on behalf of those who are trying to find opportunity and a better quality of life in our city. And we will endeavor to highlight the people, organizations and businesses who are committed to making Raleigh a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Please engage with us in this conversation. Together, we can shape Raleigh's future and a build a city of opportunity for all of our citizens.

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