The Point: LGTBQ Issues Still Roiling NC Politics

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From this morning's edition...

Months after the so-called repeal of HB2, LGBT issues are still causing headaches for North Carolina politicians. At the state level, Gov. Cooper and Democrats are at loggerheads with Republicans about how to respond to a lawsuit filed by gay rights groups over the current version of the “bathroom bill.” The impasse threatens to unravel the compromise that resulted in transgender people being able to use public restrooms of their choosing while banning cities from passing any kind of anti-discrimination ordinances.

Meanwhile, the Raleigh mayor’s race has been jolted by LGBT advocacy group Equality NC’s revoking of their endorsement of Charles Francis, the Democratic candidate, citing his ties to “anti-LGBTQ” politicians and donors.The Equality NC Action Fund, a PAC, announced Monday that it is endorsing incumbent Mayor Nancy McFarlane -who is a political independent – in the Nov. 7 runoff election instead.

The recent developments show that while we may not be losing basketball games and musical acts anymore, the conversation about gay and transgender rights in North Carolina is far from over.
— The Point
Brent Woodcox