DTRaleigh: Wayfinding Kiosks Coming to Downtown

During the November 8, 2017 city council meeting, city staff and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance gave a nice update on plans to bring interactive wayfinding kiosks to downtown Raleigh.

Negotiations are ongoing with Orange Barrel Media, producers of IKE, an “interactive kiosk experience” and if all goes well, the rollout of the system could take place in Spring 2018.

The presentation to council is embedded above for your viewing pleasure but some of the highlights include:

The kiosks may be between 7.5 to 12 feet tall
All kiosk designs can be customized
The kiosks can show general wayfinding to retail, transit and event info, and even art
No city funds to be used to implement or maintain this system
The kiosk vendor is responsible for maintenance
The DRA will provide the data however there will be national advertising
The ad policy will mimic the one currently in use for the GoRaleigh buses
15 locations initially but want to ramp up to 25 down the road
— Leo Suarez
Brent Woodcox