Cycle Track Coming to West Street

A new type of bike lane is coming to Raleigh.

The city and the cyclist advocacy group Oaks And Spokes are partnering to build a cycle track, best described as a two-way bike lane protected from vehicle traffic by a barrier. The track will run on West Street between Jones and Martin Streets, which connects Glenwood South to the Warehouse District.

The cycle track is expected to open in May. However, it is only a six-month trial run, which means the city can remove it next January.

Cody Stokes of Oaks and Spokes says the cycle track is crucial for the safety of the city’s bikers.

”Anybody you talk to that rides their bike around the city can tell you very likely they have a friend who has been hit or they’ve been hit themselves,” said Stokes. “It’s paramount that we give riders the tools and the infrastructure in order to make cycling something they can use day to day and not have to fear potentially getting hit by a motorist.”

A preliminary design of the cycle track will be unveiled during a town hall at the Citrix Building in Raleigh Tuesday evening.
— Taj Simmons - Spectrum News
Brent Woodcox