N&O Touts Peruvian Chicken Spots in Raleigh

A monthly roundup of ethnic eats, counter service chow and other tasty bargains. This month, we set the wheels turning in search of Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken.

Multiple locations: see website for details


Juicy tidbits: This is the granddaddy of local Peruvian rotisserie joints, dating back to the 2007 opening of the original Durham location (then called Mami Nora’s). The chicken — marinated in tropical juices and spices, and roasted over hardwood coals — is still the one to beat. ...

Mami Nora’s
2401 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh



Juicy tidbits: The only restaurant in the Alpaca chain to retain the original name — although, confusingly, this is not the original location. Regardless, to paraphrase the bard, charcoal roasted chicken by any other name would smell (and taste) as sweet. (A second location is on the way this year at 6711 Glenwood Ave.) ...

PIO Chickens
1610 Cross Link Road, Suite 43, Raleigh



Juicy tidbits: This trendy newcomer sets itself apart from the crowd by offering Peruvian fare — rotisserie chicken, lomo saltado (beef or chicken), quinoa — as bowls and wraps as well as traditional presentations on a plate with choice of sides.
— Greg Cox - N&O
Brent Woodcox