Indy Week: Wake County Approves a Twenty-Year Affordable Housing Plan, But Funding Questions Linger

From the story...

The plan sets out three main directions for change: land use, leveraged programs, and additional public resources.

Under land use, the plan recommends relaxing development ordinances to allow higher density, especially in areas near current or planned mass transit; the use of “housing incentive overlays,” which would let affordable housing developers follow “alternative standards” when building projects; and a focus on more use of alternative dwelling units, including “granny flats.”

Leveraged programs include building or preserving subsidized affordable housing. In addition, programs can be designed to bring together public, private, and nonprofit sources to increase the number of affordable units.

In terms of additional resources, that means more money for affordable housing production and preservation from the government.
— Thomas Goldsmith, Indy Week

We'll keep an eye on this as the plan develops.

Brent Woodcox