Does Raleigh Need a Do-Over on its $226,000 Logo Debacle?

By Brent Woodcox

You may have heard recently about Raleigh adopting a new logo.

After a nearly year-long discussion process, city staff unveiled a new logo for Raleigh Wednesday afternoon, which the city council approved on the spot. ...

Raleigh contracted with two firms to complete the branding process. The city paid Oklahoma-based consultants Cubic $83,000 to take care of outreach and studies compiling resident and employee perceptions of Raleigh government. Local design firm The Assembly was paid $143,000 and tasked with developing the branding and logo itself, using Cubic’s research.

Council members were unanimous in their praise of both the process and the result. ...
— Henry Gargan, N&O

You may have seen some of the hilarious tweets about it.

Now Zack Medford is reaching out to Raleigh's design community to try to crowd source a logo by way of a contest.


So if you're interested in participating submit your ideas at

If nothing else, it looks like it could help a good cause.

Thanks to Zack for helping get Raleigh citizens involved in this process where the council has failed to do so!

Brent Woodcox