Wake County Wants Granny Flats, Raleigh Not So Much

From the News & Observer...

Wake County changed its development rules in 2014 to allow for accessory dwelling units. But affordable housing is considered most useful when it’s near transit lines and employment hubs, not the more-rural swaths controlled by the county.

Raleigh City Council member Russ Stephenson said he was not opposed to accessory units, but he wanted the city to be careful. He was among the council members who voted last month against fast-tracking a proposal to allow the dwellings.

Proposed rules for a potential pilot program in the Mordecai neighborhood near downtown got mixed reviews.

“The ordinance came back and it’s two stories, it’s a two-car garage, the whole backyard is converted into parking and driveway,” Stephenson said. “The residents said that’s not what we signed up for.” ...
— Henry Gargan, N&O

On this issue, Russ Stephenson is ironically a YIMBY. In his backyard in Cameron Park, accessory dwelling units are allowed because they were grandfathered under the code. And he has them on his own property. But he doesn't want them in your backyard. So maybe's he's a NIYBY?

Brent Woodcox