Raleigh Mag Highlights YIMBY Raleigh

In the best way possible, Raleigh is in the midst of something like an existential crisis. The questions of who the city will be and what it will look like in 10 or 20 years guide every local vote residents cast, every choice made by every elected official, every developer’s decision to build, every new business that opens, every Tweet from every casual observer with a sense of civic pride.

We all know Raleigh will look different in the future from how it looks today, but different how? And who has the power to decide?

We attempt to answer that here by taking a look at the people we feel, in 2018, are driving the conversations and making the future-altering decisions. They’re not the richest Raleighites necessarily, or the titans of industries, banking or real estate—though some of them certainly fall into those categories. They’re more the folks who are using platforms they have to make a tangible difference in the community around us, whether by changing our physical environment through development and construction, by opening and running new stores and restaurants, by bringing art to our public walls, or by shaping the conversations we’re having about topics ranging from gerrymandering to immigration, sustainability to affordable housing.

In other words, these people have clout. If they don’t have the means to do something themselves, they certainly have some power to influence those who do. Right now, they hold the keys to the city and, more than anyone else, they’re shaping the answer to the overarching question on all of our minds: how will Raleigh grow? ...

[Brent] Woodcox’s blog, YIMBY Raleigh, chronicles everything from City Council decisions on rezoning, to real estate deals, to bike lanes and public art, to affordable housing ups and downs. An advocate for property rights and free market initiatives, Woodcox has been one of the most vocal proponents of legalizing Airbnb and allowing backyard cottages and he’ll occasionally drive newspaper coverage of city issues with a well-timed Tweet. His unrestrained style doesn’t endear him to everyone, but those who don’t like him, you can be sure, are paying attention to what he says. ...
— Jane Porter - Raleigh Magazine
Brent Woodcox